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Main characters


  • Sakura Minamoto: The main character in the main storyline. Zombie No. 1, was the first to wake up, her life was plagued by bad luck that made her depressed, she died for not looking both ways
  • Saki Nikaido: During her life, she achieved Kyushu as the first special commander of Dorami aiming for national victory. In a motorcycle accident in a chicken race in Kagamiyama with the fugitive rival tribe "Korosuke", she attacked and fell off a cliff, and shared his fate with a devastating motorcycle
  • Ai Mizuno: She was a popular idol in the early 2000s from the idol group called Iron Frill. She died in 2008 when she was struck by lightning during a concert.
  • Junko Konno: She was an idol from the 80s whose popularity caused the rise of the idols of that decade. She died in 1983 in a plane crash. She is also a member of the idol group Franchouchou. Although she is an introvert and reserved, she has a strong conviction as an idol and is the best singer among the seven. However, she is bad at dancing. Her charm is her overall beauty combined with her sad expressions.
  • Yūgiri: She was a girl from the Meiji era. She is also a member of the idol group Franchouchou. She was a legendary courtesan (Oiran) who was there during the Meiji Restoration and was born in the Bunkyu era. Thanks to her open and calm demeanor, she is not carried away by the fact that she was resurrected in a world 150 years later and that her surroundings and herself are zombies. Her charming points are her sensual appearance and her long hair tied in a knot.
  • Lily Hoshikawa: In life she acted as a child actress who acted in a leading role in a great drama that was broadcast on all channels. She is a transgender girl and her old name is  Masao Go, Despite being a native of Saga, she speaks without using idioms.
  • Tae Yamada: The only "legendary" girl without some other title, and the only zombie who has not yet regained her human consciousness. She is the one who officially names the group Franchouchou, which stems from her sneeze.


  • Kotaro Tatsumi: An eccentric producer who resurrects Sakura and the other girls as zombies to revitalize Saga prefecture by forming the idol group "Franchouchou", provisionally previously called "Death Musume" and "Green Faces" by him. He is an expert makeup artist, who makes zombies look like normal people in his public appearances. He also carries a small supply of dried squid to appease zombies without waking up.
  • Police Officer A: An unnamed police officer who repeatedly encounters Sakura and the other undead girls.
  • Romero: Kotaro's zombie poddle, he loves dried squid and in the manga version he usually hunts small sparrows. The origin of its name is a tribute to the pioneer of zombie movies, George A. Romero.

Secondary characters

They are the characters whose relevance was little in the first season, but it is known that the second season will have more characters, and according to the director of zombieland saga, The Bar Master will have more relevance in the second season.

Related to Franchouchou

  • Takeo Go: The ex-manager and father of Lily (Masao). He is a large man whose face is often mistaken for that of a bully.
  • Reiko Amabuki: First captain of the motorcycle gang Dorami, who retired to give birth to Maria and lead a normal life. She saves a photo with Saki and the tamagotchi she used to use and owns her old motorcycle locked up.
  • Shinta Okoba: A chief reporter who works alongside his photographer Inuhashi. Both began investigating the band after recognizing Junko in the Drive-in Tori commercial.
  • Bartender: The Master of "BAR New Jofuku", a mature man with a beard. Unknown real name. Tatsumi is an old friend of him and has knowledge of the Zombie Land Saga Project. He has a deep knowledge of Hagakure and other things, and the conversation with Tatsumi in Episode 11 suggests that he had a relationship with Yugiri in her life. The name of the bar "New Jofuku" is a clear reference to the legend of the same name in the Saga prefecture, Jofuku is the Japanese name of Xu Fu, Qin Shi Huang's court sorcerer, who was ordered by his chief to search for an "elixir of the immortals" on the top of the mythical Mount Penglai.


  • Maria Amabuki: The only daughter of Reiko who followed the bad steps of her mother and became a biker. Ninth captain of the Dorami Band. She is always seen accompanied by her two friends.
  • Death metal fans: Appear from episode 1. A couple of subjects dressed in stereotypical death metal fashion. They were from the first appearance of Franchouchou as Death Musume and were impressed with the movement of their heads, so they decided to follow the band.
  • Shiori: Appears in chapter 7. Iron Frill member who started debuting as central vocalist in 2018. He doesn't know anything about Ai.
  • First Captain of Korosuke: She has her hair consolidated in the shape of a crane. She was a rival to the Dorami gang and the organizer of the chicken game challenge that caused Saki's death. Their current way of life is unknown.
  • Misa Azumatsuru: The tenth head of the Korosuke motorcycle gang and Maria's rival.
  • The Mysterious Man: A mysterious man who appears to Kotaro from time to time, not much is known about him as he appears rarely in the manga.

Minor Characters

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