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This must be Ureshino's wisdom! (これが嬉野の知恵だ! Kore ga Ureshino no chieda!) is the ninth chapter of the Zombie Land Saga manga.


Kotaro does not know how to write Atsuku nare, so he goes to the Jofuku bar, where the Drive-in Tori guy is, he tells him to try a soup to get inspired, from that soup the song Atsuku nare was born.


We start with Franchouchou practicing for his next event and we see signs of the ideological discussion of Ai and Junko, With both Franchouchou able to grow and they became the center of the group, a brief flashback of everything they have done so far is seen, noting that Ai and Junko are polar opposites and the moment will come when their difference of ideals will collide. In this way, Kotaro decides to make a duet song for the two of them but things were not as simple as he thought since the lyrics do not suit an idol group, desperately he looks for the bartender at "Bar new Jofuku"

Once he arrives, he is surprised to see the mysterious boy sitting in the Bar, he mentions that the Bartender is not in those moments but that he will listen to everything he has to say. Kotaro talks about the duo of Ai and Junko and their inevitable clash of ideals, the mysterious guy recommends that he go to Ureshino for inspiration.

Thanks to a hot tofu, Kotaro gets the inspiration to make the song of the duo Ai-Junko.





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