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The true taste of SAGA! (佐賀の本当の味! Saga no hontō no aji!) is the seventh chapter of the Zombie Land Saga manga.


Kotaro and the strange guy go on a trip to a restaurant in Yokubo, where they eat squid, at the end of the chapter the guy leaves and tells him that he waits for the day that Saga saves, when Kotaro realizes that he did not ask for the Number, an employee tells him that the owner of the restaurant is waiting for him, to realize that he never spoke to the real owner.


Kotaro and the mysterious uncle go to Yobuko, which was previously one of the most visited places in Saga with at least one million visits on weekends but due to Saga's loss of reputation, almost no tourists come, the mysterious man mentions that he used to go there with his family to eat squid, he reflects on how if the popular places in Saga are neglected they will never be the same again.

The reason this happens is because of the distribution of goods since people can enjoy Yobuko's squid without having to go there.

They stop for a meal and Kotaro delights the local squid, calling it the true flavor of Saga.

After a short trip he mentions that Kotaro must learn quickly about Saga and waits for the day when he saves Saga, when he leaves he remembers that he forgot to ask him about the collaboration with the girls but before doing something one of the restaurant employees tells him that his president is in the restaurant and that he will attend him in a second. Kotaro confused now wondering the true identity of the boy he met while the real president of the restaurant gets excited about the idea of ​​Kotaro idols.





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