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Tori's True Seasoning! (鳥の本当の味付け! Tori no hontō no ajitsuke!) is the sixth chapter of the Zombie Land Saga manga.


Kotaro strikes up a conversation with the "owner" of Drive-in Tori, who mentions to him that the restaurant is not the real Saga. It is seen that Kotaro thinks about it while seeing Tae before episode 1, it is then shown that in the end, Kotaro accepts the deal with the guy.


The mysterious guy sits with Kotaro who feels a strong presence emanating from him and still thinks he is the president of Drive-in Tori, Kotaro tells him that he wants to save Saga using local idols as Saga's reputation has been declining due to the age of his inhabitants, unemployment, lack of new talents and unemployment, causing the population to be reduced by half in a few years, he says that with the group of girls he will bring excitement to Saga.

The mysterious boy mentions that he has lived in Saga for a long time and that he has felt the blow of depopulation, emphasizing that it is because the big cities are more prosperous than the prominent rural areas in Saga. He asks Kotaro if it really is in his capacity, and he agrees saying that he has an ace up his sleeve.

The mystery boy gets up when Kotaro mentions that Drive-in Tori is the true flavor of Saga, he tells Kotaro that he doesn't know the "true Saga". The next page shows Kotaro thinking about what he said to him, while Tae bites the bars behind him, thoughtful in his mind he remembers that they all woke up and he must act fast to save Saga.

The weirdo arrives to pick up Kotaro from the mansion and take him to Yobuko, a well-known fishing area in Saga that has a variety of squid.





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