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Chapter 5: A toast! Those mysterious tasks have to wait! (乾杯! からの怪しいお注射ちょっと待ってヨ! Kanpai! kara no Ayashii Ochuusha Chotto Matte yo!) is the fifth chapter of the spin-off manga series of Zombie Land Saga, titled “Zombie Land Saga Side Story: The First Zombie”.

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A mysterious giant appears in Saga! but the Busters are celebrating at home with a toast, however MJ's past is gradually being revealed.


One day a mysterious giant high school student appears at Minami High School‏ terrorizing the students. This mysterious guy warns some gang members not to approach if they don't want to get hurt but they insist that he join his gang group called "Q-taro" to conquer the country, however Takeo refuses saying there is something more importantly called "love".

In a restaurant, the Busters are celebrating that this MJ and that she reconciled with Tae through television, Eikchi being a minor cannot drink and only stares at the others at the party, Hanako drunk says that MJ He is usually very over-protective with Tae since for that reason she cannot find a lover at 29 years old, this leaves Eikichi surprised since he did not expect that Tae was already close to 30. After the party Eikichi decides to go to sleep but he gets up surprised to see Hanako on top of him drunk and saying nonsense, remembering what happened Eikichi remembers that he had to take Hanako to her room and now he will have to deal with her in the role of a doctor who injects his patient, Hanako injects Eikichi with a drug so that Tae will notice him more since she thinks that Eikichi is the right one for her, Eikcihi says that she does not want to have anything to do with a person as violent as Tae, but to her bad luck Tae it was on the other side of the door and beats him to the ground.

In the corridor, MJ decides to talk with Eikichi, although it is early morning MJ says that he does not need to sleep for now because his body is fine and that he will tell him the truth after Saga Sagako Busters, both enter a room full of Sagakos sealed in onions. MJ mentions that the curse was born from the search for the elixir of immortality and that since that moment he has been fighting with the curses that originate in Saga, but with time the curses took shape and became Sagako, Eikichi asks him why Onions are special and MJ responds that the land of the Hyodo is special because of the long exposure to love that gave him the strength to seal the curses, MJ and Eikichi go to the bathroom where MJ decides to release more information about the curse.

MJ asks Eikichi to wash his back while they are both naked, 10 years ago the Busters team was formed but without Yuko's power it was impossible to seal them, before Yuko the curses had no physical form but they changed shape as Saga prospers. The force of the curses cause them to become Sagako and the vast majority took the form of natural disasters and ruin to the people of Saga. However the Sagakos will not possess the humans and will eliminate the people who have not been blessed with prosperity by Saga, Yuko had not yet been blessed by the prosperity of Saga because her power was weakening after so many battles with Sagako but was she end up sealing and preserving in an onion. To get Yuko back, all of Saga's curses must be sealed and as a fateful star, it is Eikichi's duty to protect those who have no prosperity.

In the morning, the Busters receive the information of a Sagako appearing near a school and MJ notices him in the direction of the Minami school. Through a Fax they receive the image of Sagako along with the information about him, it turns out that the Sagako is a human student of the same school, a human possessed by Sagako ...





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  • It is the first time that Sagako can possess a human, even though Jofuku had said that this was impossible.
    • This is because the prosperity of Saga has increased and made the Sagakos have more power in Saga.
  • There is something called "The Bless of SAGA" that blesses areas of Saga that receive love from its inhabitants, which would explain why the onions of the great Hyodo can seal the curses since that area receives love from its cultivators.
  • It is the first time in the series that the existence of the elixir of immortality is confirmed, and that this is the cause of the curse itself.
    • In turn, it is implied that Jofuku is not originally from Japan, these two points would confirm the legend of Jofuku in Saga and its historical relevance
  • The school that Takeo Go attends is the Minami High School‏, the same school that Maimai would attend years in the future.
  • The ages of Tae and Anna are confirmed in this chapter, Tae is 29 years old and Anna 20 years old.
  • The Q-taro band, refers to a manga written by the Doraemon mangaka.
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