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The Immeasurable Power of Tori (トリの計り知れない力 Tori no hakarishirenai-ryoku) is the fifth chapter of the Zombie Land Saga manga.


Kotaro goes to Drive-in Tori to look for food and a collaboration with the owner of the restaurant, as seen in episode 5, after seeing Kotaro orgasm with food every once in a while, the "Owner" of Drive-in Tori enters.


Kotaro arrives at Drive-in Tori where he sees hungry customers, he arrives with the intention of doing business with the owner of the restaurant and promoting the girls and their idol group. When he asks one of the servers, he tells him that the president is not here and will be here soon, so Kotaro orders chicken from the restaurant to hang out.

After having orgasms with the chicken and the restaurant food, a strange guy arrives saying that he does not know the true power of Drive-in Tori and Kotaro thinks he is the president of the restaurant.





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