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Chapter 4: MJ shows up! The order is your squid, pretty smile! (MJ登場! ご注文はイカした君のナイススマイル! MJ tōjō! Gochūmon wa ikashita kimi no naisu sumairu!) is the fourth chapter of the spin-off manga series of Zombie Land Saga, titled “Zombie Land Saga Side Story: The First Zombie”.

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Eikichi looks for a part-time job to buy his favorite game consoles but accidentally runs into the boss of the Busters.


It has been around a month since Eikichi entered the group of Saga Sagako Busters and Eikichi is already getting used to this lifestyle, day at school, late to clean the mansion and at night fight the Sagakos. On a shopping trip Eikichi sees a Gamepoke that he has always loved but because he spent all the money on chocolates he decides to look for a part-time job to buy his game, checking the newspaper he finds that they are looking for new employees in "Karatsu hamburger and coffee shop "but when he gets there he sees that Tae works for the place and is very different from the Tae he knows as she attends to her customers in a very nervous way.

Eikichi proceeds to hide from Tae's sight behind a bush but is surprised by an imposing one behind whom he thinks is harassing Tae but quickly recognizes that it is the same voice behind the television and that Tae calls him father, which leaves Eikichi very surprised by the revelation, Jofuku asks if Eikichi can be used for fights with Sagako and that he also has bad manners, Tae mentions that he is not her biological father and that he is the head of the place where she works and who call him "Master Jofuku". However Jofuku does not like that Tae calls him that and tells her to call him father and it seems that she has a grudge from the past with him, Eikichi realizes that Tae forced the term OL (Legendary Office Worker) just to make a good impression and that her real office is a food cart and then she sends both of them to go for the necessary purchases so that she can continue cooking.

Jofuku and Eikichi go shopping at a supermarket congested by offers, after leaving Jofuku tells him that he has learned to save money since the store they both run stopped having as many customers as in the past when Yuko was there and that is because of her that Tae is not willing to leave the food stall. According to Jofuku Tae she was not good at serving customers but when Yuko joined the store they began to prosper a lot and that for this reason both girls got along well, Jofuku tells him that years ago Tae's parents were killed by Sagakos and by that she has a grudge towards them.

In a flashback from the past, Tae and Yuko work together and although Tae is prone to cutting himself when she cooks, Yuko tells her that she must smile more to attract customers as well as thanking him for allowing her to work at her local. In the present, Tae regrets what happened with Yuko and says that she gave her a place to belong and for that reason she must treasure it as much as she can, at the time that Jofuku and Eikichi arrive, the customers leave the store for a reason inexplicable which causes Tae to become depressed while Jofuku tries to comfort her saying that it is only fate and she cannot change it, Eikichi proposes that he can take Yuko's place which makes Tae angry but also mentions that the shop mascot is scaring the clients but Jofuku reproaches him saying that is a Sagako, this Sagako felt the prosperity of the place and drives away the clients with his form; The group prepares to fight the Sagako in the form of a squid and with the onion burgers they manage to defeat it and bring peace to the place. At the end of the day Eikichi works at Tae's local and with his help they manages to give the customers a good smile although Eikichi intrudes and she ends up giving him a blow, however Tae is happy with the result of the day and the help she received.






  • Saga Prefecture
    • Super store Morinaga Karatsu
    • Karatsu Nijino Matsubara Coffee Shop


  • This is the first chapter to show Jofuku's actual appearance and the first time in the series that he is seen in his young and strong form.
  • Jofuku became Tae's adoptive father just like he did with Kiichi Momozaki 130 years ago.
  • It is revealed that Tae exaggerated his office clerk term to impress Eikichi.
  • When eikichi was trying to buy an ingrediant stuff for tae's food truck (squid) business along with jofuku you can see ekichi is squashed by some packed crowds in the supermarket when he was trying to buy some ingredients. Which this is the reality of japan's bubble economy era from (1986-1991) which the year gaiden takes place (1989). During that time real estate and stock market prices were greatly inflated. And it was characterized by rapid acceleration of asset prices and overheated economic activity as well as an uncontrolled money supply and credit expansion. But it's also japanese goverment decided to introduce the tax consumption in April (1989) at the rate of 3% to finance social welfare spending which gaiden takes place. And this bubble economy also make consumers who want to buy daily necessities have increased.
  • Kotaro has more possessions of Gaiden characters such as Jofuku's umbrella, baseball bat and Eikichi's ball with which he hits Saki and in chapter 11 we can see that Kotaro has the talent to throw the same ball with which he hits the policeman.
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