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The best idol school officially open! (最高のアイドルスクール、正式オープン! Saikō no aidorusukūru, seishiki ōpun!) is the fourth chapter of the Zombie Land Saga manga.


The girls have regained their senses, and Kotaro announces that they will be making their official debut at the annual Saga Castle performance. After the morning meeting, Kotaro is seen in a library in Takeo and mentions that he must prepare for when the girls wake up. So he goes to the Drive-in Tori restaurant.



The girls, have now (mostly) regained their consciences, and gather underground from the mansion where Kotaro comes to greet all the girls now that they have regained their senses. To begin their journey as idols, he first informs them that they are zombies and instructs them to never be seen by people in their zombie appearance, as they would be stereotypically treated as monsters seen in many zombie horror media. Above all, he enthusiastically trusts the girls who will become idols to save Saga's idol entertainment.


We go back to the past, a few days before the girls woke up, where we see Kotaro is in Takeo's library, worried about how to generate demand for them for the group to be successful. After listening to a casual conversation between mother and daughter, he decides to go to the Drive-in Tori to eat and do business.





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