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Chapter 2: Delivery! Onions Straight to Your Heart! (届け!君のハートにたまねぎストレート!! Todoke! Kimi no hāto ni tamanegi sotorēto!!) is the second chapter of the spin-off manga series of Zombie Land Saga, titled “Zombie Land Saga Side Story: The First Zombie”.

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The Sagako busters train Eikichi to become one of them, however they receive a transmission from a mysterious man who claims to be Saga and that his prophecy of the end of the world is about to be fulfilled!


The chapter begins with Eikichi in front of Tae saying good morning to which Tae responds saying that the greeting is essential to have the respect of others, Eikichi remembers the events of the last days and how he ended up in the mansion. We have a flashback of Tae performing a ritual to communicate with the head of the Busters, Eikichi is confused because he thinks they are communicating with an alien but suddenly the television behind him turns on and the silhouette of Xu Fu appears saying the same being Saga, the video is a VHS tape and shows messages on the screen of the end of the world in 1999 and how the Sagako outbreaks are the beginning of the end of the Saga prefecture and the world, the tape begins to damage and the messages leave to be clear, Anna says that it is due to Eikichi's interference and in response begins to hit the television. Tae tells Eikichi that his training should begin and that his mother left him at the mansion to learn how to behave, so he begins Eikichi's training by exercising and using a toy called Dr Zombie Paw that they use to measure Misogi power. But this doesn't seem to work with Eikichi. Following the learning, Eikichi now does his housework and Tae tells him that he will never look like Yuko, his sister.

Returning to the present, Eikichi is sitting in front of his sister turned into an onion wondering how to be like her, preparing to clean the bathroom but Anna tells him that what he is doing to clean the bathroom is extreme because it turns out that cleaning the house was a joke from Tae and Eikichi since Anna worked part time, Anna tells Eikichi that he must know more about his sister to increase his Misogi level so he begins to study onions more thoroughly and understand them to the point of that he can hear them speak just like his sister.

In the afternoon Eikichi goes out to buy, Tae says that if it were Yuko he would make everything perfect and leave the house even cleaner, but Hanako reproaches Tae for thinking that Eikichi must be perfect since obviously he cannot be like that. In the basement Tae talks to Yuko onion about Eikichi and how even though he tries, she still has a long way to go to correct him, we have a flashback of Tae and Yuko a few years ago and how Yuko worried about Tae for fighting to the death with the Sagako Tae is visibly affected by how Yuko ended up since she could never protect her from the curse and sees Eikichi as the way to patch up her mistake.

On the beach, the city Eikichi loses himself along the routes of the mansion and stumbles over what he thinks is a rock, but when he picks it up he realizes that it is a heart-shaped Sagako and that it causes a fight of couples in the area, being a small Sagako Eikichi decides to seal it in order to make his new group proud but his plan goes awry when Sagako shows his true form to Eikichi and ends up running away from the beach until he collides with Tae's chest, Tae was prepared and brings him more onions to Eikichi and tells him to seal it, Eikichi throws all the onions at the Sagako and they finally seal it, Tae is proud of Eikichi but hides it by yelling at him and compares him again with Yuko, Anna and Hanako arrive at the place and say who seem like a couple, the episode ends with Eikichi wondering how he will earn the respect of the group and with Anna saying that she wants a boyfriend.







  • The toy they use to measure brain waves is based on a real life toy called "Dr Cat's Paw."
    • Sensors measure your brain waves, when your brain is relaxed, it emits an alpha wave that is detected and turns the bulb green, when you start struggling to focus, the red bulb turns on and a loud noise is produced, accompanied by a tape that is heard while analyzing. He says things like "Breathe easy" or something like that.
  • It is Xu Fu who has been pulling the strings all this time, from asking Kiichi to restore Saga, asking the Busters to save Saga from the curses, and asking Kotaro to save Saga from the curse while fulfilling Sakura last dream.
  • Tae performs a ritual to turn on Xu's VHS tape, something completely unnecessary since the tape is already on the TV.
  • Tae's greeting is the same one that Kotaro uses in the first season to tell Sakura the importance of the greeting.
  • The Sagako that appears has the same shape and is in the same place as Cape Hado, the place where Kotaro is going to perform a mysterious ritual.
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