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Franchouchou's Culinary Adventures (フランシュシュ料理の冒険 Furanshushu ryōri no bōken) is chapter 27 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


A bored Kotaro decides to take Franchouchou to make their own food, so inspired by something he ate in a park, our culinary adventure begins!


In a park, Kotaro is exhausted from work and makes a metaphor that he has been mining gold for a long time, an older man offers him something to eat and Kotaro accepts, after a bite they both go to a house and Kotaro is amazed by this meal. The next day he and Franchouchou go to a restaurant to prepare this meal and at the same time learn how to make it, in the end it turned out quite well and the owners congratulate the girls. At the mansion, and with their new food on the table, they decide to go practice first, but Tae stays reading a food magazine and it seems like... is she remembering someone?

Before she can keep doing it, Sakura takes her to the training room.





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