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Guardians of Saga! (佐賀の守護者! Saga no gādian!) is chapter 26 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


The opening is portrayed in chapter 26 of the manga, the chapter at the end is only a sketch that Kotaro presents to the public relations office of Saga to make a movie.


With the necessary energy Kotaro decides to write his own story of what he has learned with the 3 wise men and the search for his Saga, he takes a pencil and begins to write the script for his film.

Sakura Minamoto is a normal girl who begins her second year of high school, hoping to change her life, Sakura plans to apply to be an idol, plans that end when she is surprised by a giant monster at the door of her house. This monster catches her in his right grip but before things get worse, Franchouchou's sentai team appears called "The Guardians of Saga".

Using special attacks based on Saga Junko, Lily and Ai manage to immobilize the monster and with the rest of the girls they hit it so hard that they sink it several meters underground, when they think that the fight is over, this monster gets up and scared they do not know what to do. But a magical power appears that grants Franchouchou and Sakura some kind of power with which to defeat the monster, now with Sakura in their team they invoke pillars of light so powerful that they not only destroy the monster, but also the city of Saga in In the process, one of the vignettes refers to the Saga prefectural government building being lifted off the ground by a pillar of light similar to the Zombie Land Saga Revenge poster.

With the defeated monster Franchouchou starts talking about their victory. Now we have a shot of Kotaro teaching him a government official about his idea of ​​making a movie with the sketches already made but he denies his idea,





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