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Kotaro poisoned by food (食に毒された幸太郎 Shoku ni doku sa reta Kōtarō) is chapter 23 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


Kotaro eating and Saki teaching a native Saga food.


After the park event Yoshinogari Kotaro who touched the truth of the saga and identified the saga that he really loved. Now the days of battle as a talented producer have begun again.

Imari, Ureshino, Yoshinogari... The knowledge that he acquired in the famous places of the saga was wonderful, but he is confused because he has gained too much in this short period of time

He wonders who the mysterious man who appears from time to time and helps him with the lyrics of his songs, so for inspiration he looks for something to eat and speak well of food. Meanwhile the girls get the smell of their room and also look for something to eat for themselves. While Kotaro was bathing, Saki brought a stove to cook a Takana in Franchouchou's bedroom to eat on their own, but Tae made the rice too spicy and she burned. Now Kotaro realizes that his food has been stolen.





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