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Kotaro's trials have been completed! Your true Saga has been found! (コタロウのトライアルが終了しました! あなたの本当の佐賀が見つかりました! Kotarō no toraiaru ga shūryō shimashita! Anata no hontō no Saga ga mitsukarimashita!) is chapter 22 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


Kotaro listens to what Franchouchou wanted to say and discovers that his true Saga, in the end he remains in doubt of who the mysterious guy is.


At last reunited and with a clearer mind, Kotaro decides to listen to the girls and their experiences in Yoshinogari. Each one tells how they had fun in the park and each one of the activities they did, Sakura tells a small summary of the series from the death metal concert to the present, saying that this is her Saga.

There is only Kotaro left to say what he felt in the park. So far, Kotaro has interacted with saga sages and mystery types and has enjoyed seafood, agricultural products and beautiful seascapes. He realizes that the Saga he is looking for is actually interaction with people and loving them proudly.




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