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This is the truth of Saga! (これが佐賀の真実です! Kore ga Saga no shinjitsudesu!) is chapter 21 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


Tae saves Kotaro and Sakura from falling and discovering that they are zombies, and Kotaro in the end understands what he is looking for.


With the clumsiness of Sakura, Kotaro and they were about to fall from the tower, Sakura could barely hold onto one arm and hold Kotaro with the other. Kotaro tells her to drop him because or if she doesn't it will reveal that they are zombies, the girls stay close until they see what is happening, Sakura falls breaking her arm but luckily Tae manages to save them by taking a huge jump.

When Sakura falls, she tells her concern about Kotaro's attitude, emphasizing that they will always be with him, Kotaro finally realizes that what he was really looking for was for Franchouchou and him to complement each other on their way to save Saga.





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