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After all there is nothing!! (やっぱり何もない!! Yappari nanimonai!!) is chapter 20 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


Franchouchou continues doing anything and Tae was overeating, but Kotaro is depressed because he could not achieve his goal, Sakura realizes and tries to help him, but due to her bad luck she stumbles and almost causes an accident to Kotaro.


The girls enjoy the scenery from the hill and try on the classic Yayoi period clothing while Sakura prevents Tae from eating the decoration food that is on the site, meanwhile Kotaro feels helpless because he has not been able to find that Saga he was looking for so he feels depressed. Sakura notices his attitude and feels strange.

Climbing a tower to think, Kotaro feels that he could not pass this last test while Sakura feels that he is about to do something random like jump from that tower, so worried she runs to prevent Kotaro from doing what she thinks he will do, but accidentally she runs into a raccoon knocking Kotaro out of the tower and causing them both to fall.





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