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In search of the truth of Saga part 3 (佐賀の真実を求めてパート3 Saga no shinjitsu o motomete pāto 3) is chapter 19 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


Franchouchou doesn't take Kotaro seriously and starts to play. Kotaro gets angry and then falls tired because he didn't achieve his goal.


Sakura, Junko, and Tae participated in the experience of making dumplings. While Saki, Ai, Yugiri, and Lily participated in the experience of making fire. We have a funny scene of Saki, Ai, and Lily trying to make a fire in a traditional way using the friction of two pieces of wood and a rope while they end up getting tired. Yugiri manages to do it in just a few seconds, leaving the other girls surprised.

Sakura, Junko and Tae finish making their dumplings while Tae shows her result to Saki what she did, at least she tried. Desperate Kotaro yells at them again angrily because they are not doing what he asked them, he is still searching exhaustively for that Saga while Saki in a mocking tone says that she already found it establishing her dominance over Saga by posing on a hill.





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