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In search of the truth of Saga part 2 (佐賀の真実を求めてパート2 Saga no shinjitsu o motomete pāto 2) is chapter 18 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


Franchouchou starts touring instead of looking for the Saga that Kotaro is looking for.


They give us an introduction of the Yoshinogari park is, being a historical place of Saga that comes from the Yayoi period. They were the first to introduce agriculture and blacksmithing to Japan because they were in contact with foreigners 2200 years ago who taught them these techniques.

We have a flashback of Kotaro speaking in the onsen. The mysterious man tells him that to find the true Saga, he will have to be accompanied to that place. Even without understanding what to look for, he orders the girls to search each site in the park.

Instead of looking for what Kotaro ordered, the girl go play at the playground as if they were ancient natives, the girls left Kotaro alone. At the same time, he only worries about finding the Saga he is looking for.





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