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In Search of the Truth of Saga (佐賀の真実を求めて Saga no shinjitsu o motomete) is chapter 17 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


The mysterious guy appears at the Ureshino onsen, and tells Kotaro that although he passed the three tests, there's more to do.

Kotaro must do something else to find the true Saga. So Kotaro and Yoshionagari along with Franchouchou and come together to find the Saga he is looking for.


After what Kotaro thought was the last test, he goes to the Ureshino onsen to rest. But when he was about to go, he hears a familiar voice. The mysterious uncle appears in the same onsen where he was, such as the surprise that Kotaro gets scared.

The guy tells him that this is just the beginning. Only the people who passed the test of the 3 wise men of Saga can know "the truth of Saga", where he sends him to Yoshionagari Ruins.

This time at the request of a mysterious guy, he is accompanied by Franchouchou because, according to him, he cannot discover the true Saga by himself. He yells at the girls to stop loafing and start looking for a Saga for their idol activities.

Still confused, Kotaro doesn't understand what kind of "Saga" he should look for this time, and he doesn't know why he sent him to that site.





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