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The answers you are looking for are always in Saga (あなたが探している答えは常に佐賀にあります Anata ga sagashite iru kotae wa tsuneni Saga ni arimasu) is chapter 16 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


Kotaro after having a few drinks, realizes how the native people of the Saga appreciate Franchouchou. That motivates him to continue with his quest. It's his last challenge, after all.


Kotaro, although still pending with the test, gets drunk with the other bar customers. He drinks because he has no idea what to do in this test. Watching television that they pass by the bar, news about the girls is transmitted during Saga Rock. The patrons support the new local idols that are emerging.

Kotaro realizes what the test was and his answer. He finally understood. Idols shine only when there are fans who support them! With the test already solved, he says goodbye to the acquaintances. He leaves happy because he finally found the answer to the test and his Saga... or not?





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