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The secret of longevity! (長寿の秘訣! Chōju no hiketsu!) is chapter 13 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


Kotaro visits a 300-year-old liquor store that has a mechanic and a kappa mummy (This type of mummies can be found all over Japan) giving the second test started.


Kotaro arrives at Matsuura Ichishuzo, the second test place. He goes inside and hears a voice that came from the back of the shop saying: "Please go here".

Kotaro is in at an old motorcycles exhibition, the oldest in Japan. With only 5 of them in that store, the person who attends him is a mechanic who repaired motorcycles in addition to attending a 300-year-old liquor store. The clothesline he asks him the reason why the store has been able to remain open for so long, this being the second test that he must pass.





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