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How to be a better producer (より良いプロデューサーになる方法 Yoriyoi purode~yūsā ni naru hōhō) is chapter 12 of the Zombie Land Saga (Manga) series.


The mystery boy tells Kotaro that he must improve his skills as an idol producer. In addition, the boy gives Kotaro directions to meet three sages in Saga.


The mystery boy tells Kotaro that he must improve his skills as an idol producer, starting from knowing his Saga better. He gives Kotaro some instructions to meet three wise men in Saga who will teach him more about this test, and he must pass them to find the truth of Saga.

We are shown a jump with Franchouchou in the Imari Station where the guerrilla concert was held. With Saki almost entering a ramen shop because it looked delicious.

Sakura notes that Kotaro just left but does nothing about it. She believes Kotaro must take care of Franchouchou. One of the wise men is just a boy who runs a ceramic business in Imari that has survived in Saga for many years. He tells him that he must draw his Saga on a piece of ceramic. Kotaro feels that he cannot connect with Saga.

In the end, he achieves his goal by emerging victorious from the first test, recognizing that the answer for this test is Franchouchou and his relationship with him as a producer and passing this test. The first of three.





  • There is a continuity error, as the Franchouchou guerrilla concert was held at the Karatsu station and not at the Imari station.
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