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Chapter 11: Clash of Spears! What I Can Do for Someone Else! (衝戟!自分が誰かにできること! Shōgeki! Jibun ga dareka ni dekiru koto!) is the eleventh chapter of the spin-off manga series of Zombie Land Saga, titled “Zombie Land Saga Side Story: The First Zombie”.

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A mysterious girl bumps into Eikichi!. Meanwhile a gloomy storm is brewing over Saga.


Saki slaps Eikichi

Eikichi has an accident with a girl who was riding her bike and cries on the ground saying how pathetic he is, the girl slaps him back, encouraging him to stop crying and decide for himself what he wants to do, which leaves shocked Eikichi for a moment as the blonde girl leaves on her bike. Although in the past he hurt himself by telling himself that he could be easily replaced by others, his sister, Yuko, encourages him to have self-confidence and not hurt himself with negative words.

Meanwhile, in the forests of the prefecture, Higashino continues to kill Sagakos with a bat, work that he does without hesitation but still questioning how these creatures work. While he feels dizzy, Magatsuhi communicates with him to let him know that it has already recovered its powers, which makes Keiji look for the entity. In the mansion of the Busters, Jofuku is sick and continues to age in the sight of Romero, who is accompanying him, the girls are in the main room sheltering from the electrical storm outside and worrying about Eikichi's situation with it. Meanwhile, the Sagako they had previously captured and imprisoned receive an electric shock from a powerful lightning bolt that strikes the mansion, this same sudden powerful energy causes them to quickly fuse together bewildering the Busters, who quickly seek shelter. A new type of Sagako emerges from the rubble of the now-destroyed mansion, flashes of remnant electrical energy and dark smoke surrounding it. Eikcihi rushes to the mansion realizing his mistake and having been corrected by a little girl, he runs through the rain as fast as he can to apologize to the group, but is surprised by a mountain of rubble and a giant creature in front of him.

A giant Sagako emerges from the rubble

The huge creature starts moving towards the city while the Busters manage to get out of the rubble and rescue Jofuku, who managed to save Yuko's onion before the collapse, Tae only looks spitefully at this huge beast as if she had already known it from before and gets ready to go fight. In the middle of the traffic, Araki manages to evacuate several residents of the area and alerts the police to the presence of an unknown strange creature. To Aiba's surprise, Higashino appears and stands in front of the creature, which causes confusion in the young policeman.

Keiji raises his gun and begins to converse with Magatsuhi, who manifested itself in front of the Sagako as a mask, Keiji reminds it of his promise to Magatsuhi, who begins to speak to him telepathically in what seems like a conversation that only Keiji can understand. What Magatsuhi said really angered Higashino, who begged it to keep his promise, to the point where he gets fed up with the situation and is about to take fire on the Sagako as he yells that he wants power.

Keiji is killed

Before he can take any action, he is brutally killed by one of the Sagako's limbs and then thrown against the pavement, before he dies, he begins to remember everything in his life and all the mistakes he has made, all this while Magatsuhi speaks to him for the last time in life telling him that if he had power he could do whatever he wanted, and that it could have killed him before, words that make Higashino understand that it's just being used.

The citizens scream in panic at the sight of the carnage as Araki can only fall in grief. The Busters are speechless about what happened, while Tae just watches and gets ready to fight this creature that she knows from that incident.







  • This is the second appearance of a Franchouchou member, this one being Saki Nikaido as the girl who accidentally runs over Eikichi.
  • Magatsuhi can communicate telepathically but at the same time seems to speak an unknown language that can only be understood by a few. When communicating with someone, this person begins to feel sudden dizziness.
  • This is the first time the mansion has been destroyed, the second being during the events of the Saga Floods during the second season.
  • The giant Sagako that appeared bears similarities to Franchouchou, more specifically in the way both responds to electrical discharges, as they both glow and release bolts of energy while discharging. Which calls into question what is the relationship between Sagako and Zombies.
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