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Str00pwafell Str00pwafell 15 April 2021

To-do List

Notes for myself:

  • Possibly rework the formatting of the templates to have emphasis on the summary rather than the preview image.
    • Current summaries are wonky, ask if Wikipedia summaries may be copied.
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Firelyon55 Firelyon55 10 March 2021

Heeeelloooooo! :D

Helloooooo :D!

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Chele Picante Chele Picante 30 December 2020

All the theories that have been made of Zombie Land Saga

All the theories of Zombie Land Saga in the same post, separated by what theories I have done and those that theories I have not done, in total there are 91 only counting more or less large theories and not speculations, yes... an anime of idols managed to get all these theories and they are all pretty good and high quality.


  1. Saga is Mount Penglai
  2. Romero and Junko died together?
  3. Another Hololive cover?
  4. Mandela effect
  5. Kotaro's powers
  6. Why Yugiri will be important in Revenge
  7. Calculating Romero's death
  8. My first theory
  9. Meaning of the opening
  10. Important data from the interviews
  11. Bagua and luck
  12. Trailer out of context
  13. Flower theory
  14. Short theory
  15. Omens
  16. Theory about food
  17. Sakura's house
  18. Who is Kotaro?
  19. Muscle memory
  20. Song theory
  21. Yugiri's name
  22. Franchouchou chronology
  23. Iron fri…
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