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Arata Ookoba

Arata Ookoba (大古場 新太 Ōkoba Arata) is a chief reporter who works alongside his photographer, Inubashiri. He and Inubashiri are part of the major supporting cast of characters.

His initial goal was to reveal Franchouchou's secret identities as zombies to the public after gathering enough evidence, but had his mind changed after the events of "Episode 24".


Ookoba wears a casual appearance; beige pants and a blue-gray shirt and a turquoise shirt underneath. When he goes out, he carries his bag with a camera to take photos and some documents that may be important.


As a reporter and magazine editor, Ookoba is a very serious man who always seeks to keep Saga informed with new news but without falling into unfounded rumors, when he begins to notice that some girls from Franchouchou look like famous people from the past, he starts a silent investigation following them to all the places where they are presented.

After the failure of the group in the EFS he paused his research for a while but now he is taking it up again together with Inubashiri, who helps him with the information of the concerts and presentations, he is quite respectful with the space of other people and avoids contacting them if he is. following, as well as looking for career news. Ookoba is not the type of journalist who would publish something that could cause mass chaos and he decides to investigate further about the girls before making a publication about it.


Natural Abilities

  • Wide Intellect - TBA


  • Reporting - As a professional, Ookoba is good at writing newspaper articles.
  • Investigation - Ookoba is quite good at looking for information about people and places, which is why after discovering that the girls are zombies he manages to find the identity of six of them except Yugiri, whose past was erased from history.


  • The name Arata means "fresh, new" (新) (ara) and "thick, big" (太) (ta).
  • Arata's surname Ookoba means "ancient" (大古) (oko) and "field, place" (場) (ba).


  • Ookoba is from Kyushu, as it is shown by his accent.
  • Ookoba mentions that he used to live in Tokyo.
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