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Detective Araki

Araki Aiba (相葉荒木 Aiba Araki) He is a rookie detective at the Karatsu Police Station. He is introduced in the Chapter 9 of the spin-off manga, Zombie Land Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie.


He is an average young adult who is always seen wearing a Japan police uniform which consists of a white collared shirt and dark blue shoulder pads, dark blue pants. His physical appearance is the same as Police Officer A except that his hair color is lighter.


He is somewhat nervous and insecure of himself, as a rookie policeman he tries to enforce order in Saga despite being assigned minor traffic tasks. Despite being someone very fearful or clumsy as a policeman, he shows that he is capable of being effective when it comes to real danger and showing some bravery when it comes to protecting other people.

He will always follow the orders that his boss tells him so as not to receive any punishment for not enforcing them, he himself commissioned him to watch Higashino and goes after him when he leaves the police station. He is very submissive and easy to manipulate when he hangs out with Higashino, going along with what he says without questioning or reprimanding Higashino's actions.



  • Use of firearms-Having police training, he knows how to use firearms with which he can easily defend and attack. He uses a shotgun to defend the people he is evacuating from the danger of a Sagako.


  • TBA


  • The mention that his parents were police officers would confirm that much of his family, both past and future, are destined to become police officers or carry on the family tradition. With the appearance of Police Officer I seen in both episodes of the Saga Incident and Police Officer A, who is still a child in this manga.
  • According to his own words, his eyesight is 2.0.
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