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Anna Shuri

Anna Shuri (朱里 アンナ Shuri Anna) is one of the main characters of the Zombie Land Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie spin-off manga series. The "Legendary Part-Timer", and the Sagako Busters' go-to muscle. Before joining the group, she belonged to an elite family of thieves from which she fled in search of a "normal" life.


Anna on the street, wearing a hood so as not to be recognized by anyone


In her youth, she could afford to dress however she wanted but in the wake of her escape she had to wear as little as she could living on the streets. Homeless and in danger of being recognized she wore a jacket with a hood over her head until she grew her hair long enough not to be recognized by the naked eye.


Her casual outfit consists of a red/purple suit depending on the occasion in which she is but this is usually a formal one for parties or meetings, she also carries a beige jacket with her. She physically is the third tallest member of the team and has a short brown hairstyle. As Sagako Buster she wears a pink uniform and some tools to fight Sagakos including black gloves to hit things.



Fleeing the criminal life of her family, she had no choice but to resort to petty theft to survive on the streets, where she realized the inequality of the world. She worked with the police in exchange for her identity not being made public after she was caught, but in one of the police raids people died when the situation got out of control, with the weight of knowing that it was her fault that people died, she fled to a place where no one could recognize her.


What its title implies. She is in charge of Buster's daily needs, such as cleaning and other housework. But she's also a monstrously powerful fighter in her own right. She does not appear to have exorcism skills like Yuko, but rather she relies on her brute strength and prowess in fighting.

Anna tends to carry a calm and laid-back personality, her part-time job keeps her busy with her clients most of the day, and when she works for the Busters she is Tae's right-hand man helping her as a team manpower. Anna is someone serious when it comes to doing things and she does not lose sight of her goals when she is working, when Eikichi was trained to be a host she left him in a club where she worked and where thanks to her advice and interactions he was able to learn a lot about how be host.

Although she is one of the least talking members, she is a vital part of the group as she is the glue that holds it together. Her abilities to carefully observe and analyze things have benefited the Busters, mainly because without Anna neither of the girls would agree to defeat the troublesome Sagakos and consequently anger Tae even more.



  • Proficiency in Martial Arts - Anna defends herself quite well physically as she is quite strong and serves as the workforce of the busters team, she also knows a lot about martial arts so her strength and skill are quite balanced.
  • Hostess - She possesses party host skills and dance skills to entertain customers wherever she is, this also makes her quite useful when fighting.

Natural Abilities

  • Enhanced Reflexes - As a fighter, she has good reflexes when fighting Sagakos, being an essential part of the group by being one of the pillars of the fight against curses.
  • Logistics - Like her reflexes, she is a very good observer and can coordinate or find solutions to problems that require attention to detail.
  • Hawkeye - Inherited from her family, she is very good at detecting places where robberies can occur and alerting the police. She actually uses that ability to detect a Sagako's weaknesses.

Unique Abilities

  • Sagako-slaying - As a mainstay of the group, help Eikichi and the Busters in their fight against Saga's curse. She even initially showed her that she was open minded when Jofuku told her about supernatural beings that threatened Saga.
  • Adaptability - Probably due to her past, but she is very agile in handling tools and elements.


  • The name Anna means "full of grace, favor"/"Gracious, Merciful" in Hebrew.
  • Anna's surname Shuri means "vermilion red" (朱) (shu) and "village" (里) (ri).


  • She is known as the Queen of Saga in various Clubs in the prefecture.
    • She also she has many VIP passes in these clubs.
  • It is revealed by Hanako that she is the Buster with the most part-time jobs[1] and that her job as Buster only counts as another job for her.
  • In her youth, she lived together with elite thieves but left that life to know what was normal for other people in the world.
    • Her family is known under the name "phantom thieves", the name hinting that they are so good with their escapism and theatrical skills that they have never been caught.


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