Ai Mizuno
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The black short-haired zombie with flower ornaments.

The immovable leader of Idol Frill, the idol unit that was at the top during the 21st-century idol war. While she's good at singing, she is confident in her ability to dance. She is determined and is not afraid to speak her mind out. Extremely skeptical of Kotaro's schemes.

On a side note: the flowers on her head increased when she's in idol form.

Ai Mizuno (水野 愛 Mizuno Ai) was a popular idol in the early 2000s from the idol group called Iron Frill who died in 2008 when she was struck by lightning during a concert and a member of the idol group Franchouchou.

She is titled as the Legendary Heisei Idol (伝説の平成アイドル, Densetsu no Heisei aidoru)


Ai has short, dark, slate blue hair with two yellow flower clips that has bangs bunched together and light red eyes. Like the other zombies, her skin is a grayish-blue and red eyes, and most of her body is covered in bandages some what like a mummy.

Her casual outfit consists of an Idol-like school outfit: a navy-blue jacket over a pale yellow top with a blue plaid skirt and bow. She also wears dark grey socks and light brown school-shoes. As a Idol, Ai has a light sky-blue shirt with "3" written on it, wears a turquoise skirt, and has more flowers in her hair.


When alive, Ai demonstrated a cheerful and determined personality, but after becoming a Zombie she became rather skeptical and suspicious. As she gradually begins to warm up to her group, she begins to act like her old self again. She has shown a supportive side and great patience when aiding the other members with her idol experience. Because of how she died, she was afraid of lightning. When she got stuck by lighting again and comes out unharmed, along with a successful performance with Franchouchou at Saga Rock, she appears to have overcome her trauma.



  • The name Ai (愛) means "love, affection".
    • Unlike the purely romantic "koi", "ai" means love in a broad sense, so this kanji is widely used as a traditional female name.
  • Ai's surname Mizuno means "water" (水) (mizu) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).
    • Mizuno is a habitational name meaning 'water field', from a village so named in Owari (now part of Aichi prefecture). The surname is found mostly along the eastern seaboard and on the island of Okinawa.
    • It is also the name of a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company, founded in Osaka in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno.


  • Ai was only 16 years old at the time of her death.
  • Ai died in 2008, only 4 months after Sakura Minamoto was struck and killed by a truck.
  • Ai has better kinetic vision and hearing than the other girls in the group.
  • Ai has same cup size and body type as Junko Konno, together having one of most slimmest figures in group.



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